WordPress Websites

This website is an example of one using WordPress with the Weaver Theme. This theme was found to be very easy to customise. You can change colours, layouts, header image, sidebars to whatever you want.

There are over 10,000 WordPress themes (templates) each with many layout options. There are thousands of free plugins for all sorts of facilities such as ecommerce, forms, photo galleries, slide shows, SEO, caches, etc. Free WordPress themes have been downloaded over 150 million times and plugins downloaded over 900 million times from WordPress.org.

This website’s theme has options for rounded or straight corners, and gradient or flat colour menus and background. Menus can be across the top, above or below the header, or down either side. There can be dropdown menus.

Mobile Phones are responsive to websites using this theme. The website is displayed to fit the mobile’s screen with any side-bars stacked at the bottom. Try it out on your phone!

Google’s algorithm makes websites which are responsive to mobile phones more relevant to searches than websites which aren’t responsive.

In this theme the header image can be loaded from your hard disk from within the WordPress admin. You set the width of the web page and height of the picture before loading. Otherwise the picture gets cropped to fit.

Of all websites using content management systems over 50% use WordPress. Only 10% use the next most popular CMS.

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You can change themes at any time from within WordPress without losing the web pages you have created.

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